What is the difference between a CCW and a CPL?
People use the terms interchangeably, but they are actually two different things. A CCW is a criminal charge for carrying A concealed weapon unlawfully either on or about their person. A CPL is a license granted by the state and authorizes a person, to carry a concealed pistol on or about their person except as prohibited by statute.

Do you need a CPL to openly carry a hand gun in Michigan?
No. In Michigan, a person who is not barred from possessing a firearm by law, can open carry a firearm provided they are on foot, the hand gun is carried in a holster outside the waste band, and is clearly visible (it cannot be covered by anything other than the holster).  There are several PFZ (pistol free zones) where a person is not allowed to carry. You cannot open carry inside a vehicle. If you intend to open carry, I recommend you consult with an attorney or other knowledgeable organization

Does having a CPL, void my right to open carry?
No, having a CPL does not invalidate your right to open carry.

With a CPL, in Michigan, can I carry more than one gun?
With a CPL, there is no limit on the number of hand guns you may carry on your person or in your car

What is a Pistol Free Zone (PFZ)?
Pistol Free Zones (PFZ) are places where people may not visit while having a pistol in their possession. Active/retired law enforcement and private investigators can get an exemption to Pistol Free Zones.