Our 8+ hour CPL classes meet the Michigan requirements (section 5j of 1927 PA 372)

We will cover all of the following topics

Rules and techniques for
Safely handling a firearm
Safely using a firearm
Safely storing a firearm

Considerations before carrying or using a firearm for personal protection.

Defensive Mindset
Survival mentality
Levels of situational awareness
Defensive confrontations
Controlling the encounter
Physical reactions
Emotional aftermath
Legal aftermath

Types of Handguns
Revolvers vs Semi-Automatics
Parts of a handgun
Purchase considerations

Handling Failures
Difference between stoppage and malfunction
How to handle common stoppages

Personal defense
Parts of an ammunition cartridge
How to know the correct ammunition for your firearm
How to properly identify and handle ammunition malfunctions

Legal knowledge
Possession of a firearm
Transportation of a firearm
Buying or transferring ownership of a firearm
Open carry vs Concealed carry
Use a firearm in self defense
The castle doctrine and stand your ground
Handling calls after a self-defense incident
Handling contact with Police and Others
Pistol Free Zones (PFZ)

How to safely load and unload a handgun

Fundamentals of Marksmanship
Sight alignment
Sight picture
Hold control
Trigger control
Breath control
Follow through

Defensive Shooting
Defensive accuracy
Flash sight picture
Point shooting

Elements of a good shooting position

Shooting Stances
Isosceles, Weaver, Chapman, Ready

Range Commands
Load, Make ready, Fire/Commence fire, Cease fire, Make safe, Show clear

Continuing your training
Dry Fire Exercises